Dates for 2018

Fri -Sun- May 25, 26, 27 (Memorial Day Weekend)

Lesley University 2nd Floor, 1815 Mass Ave, Cambridge MA  02140

Contact:  Kathy (617) 334-9432

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  • 3 Evening Lectures & 11 Presentations
  • 30 Lectures & Demonstrations
  • Practitioner Sessions
  • Exhibit Area

Cutting Edge presentations and demonstrations on Energy Healing, Metaphysical, Practical Health Applications, Quantum Physics & Consciousness.  Some of our upcoming Speakers & Topics

Arthur Babakhanov Body & Brain, Yoga & Taichi
Kristi Borst Healing the Physcial at the Quantum Level
Werner Brandmaier How Earth Grid Lines & EMF's Affect Health
How to Protect Your Home and Family Against EMF's
Joseph Lucier The Nature of Cancer as a Survival tool for Healing
Medical Massage Therapy
Adam Masters Journey to the Still Point of Healing
Fractal Energy & Zero Point Molecule
Kathryn McGlynn Soul Entrainment ®
Shaw Sprague Timeless Healing: Stillness through Physical & Nonphysical States
Bell Tam Healing Hands. Tui Na Therapy
Tom Tam Tong Ren Quantum Healing - Beyond 4 Dimensions
Gravity Medicine
Dr. Adhi Two Owls Engaged Earth Energy Stewardship
Charlie Smigelski Nutrition and Tong Ren:  A Phenomenal Recipe for Repair
Sharon Walsh Perfect Balance Therapies
Paul Weisbart Quantumwave Lasers: Cultivating Neutrality
Kathy Wilson Shifting the Energetic Patterns of Dis-ease
Introduction to Energy Balancing Numbers

Discover the healing power of Energy Healing Therapies that are being used in your community.
- Develop, Learn, Experience from the Experts
- Hear about new developments and old tested successful methods
- Empower your own Practice with new Tools and Techniques
- Check out  Energy Healing methods as a powerful addition to your existing or future healing practice
- See how simple healing technique alters lives
- Find out how you can make a difference in the health of those you care for
- Connect and meet those who are active in the healing community
- Get some healing and blockages cleared for yourself
- Visit the Vendor / Practitioner area for one on one connections
- Stock up with Healing Therapy Books & Products
- Experience a Session with an individual Practitioner or in a Group.
- Designed for all levels of experience or  knowledge.  Novice to Expert.