Cutting Edge presentations and demonstrations on Energy Healing, Metaphysical, Practical Health Applications, Quantum Physics & Consciousness.   Please Note Only the Main Stage Speakers were Recorded and Webcast.

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A Little About How It All Works - Dr. Adhi Two Owls
Engaged Earth Energy Stewardship - Dr. Adhi Two Owls
I've Decided to Live 120 Years  - Arthur BabakhanovLongevity
Soul Entrainment® - Kathryn McGlynn
How Earth Grid Lines & EMFs Affect Health -Werner Brandmaier
Face Reading -Ama Lightworker
The Four Forces Paradigm “Life All-in” - Trish Blain
Tong Ren Quantum Healing - Beyond 4 Dimensions - Tom Tam
Timeless Healing: Stillness through Physical & Nonphysical - Shaw Sprague
Mind, Spirit and Matter -Kathy Wilson
Life Purpose and Universal Kabbalah - Jordan Bain
Gravity Medicine - Tom Tam
How to Harness the Power of Group Energy for Personal Healing - Liz TobinPurchase The 2018 Lecture Recordings
The Nature of Cancer as a Survival Tool for Healing - Joe Lucier
Journey to the Still Point of Healing - Adam Masters

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Forbidden Knowledge: Awakening to Our Multidimensional Nature -Jason Quitt
The Art and Science of Energetic Medicine - Shaw Sprague
Dimensional Healing: Transcending Distance, Time & Space - Linda Hogan
The Nature of Cancer: Survival Tool for Healing - Joe Lucier
Our Subconscious Aspect: The Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde of Our Mind - Stephen Pollitt
Thought Field Therapy: Tapping Into Natures Healing System - Fern Wolf
Egyptian Postures: Ancient Qigong for Transformation -Jason Quitt
Quantum Healing - Tom Tam
The Health Value of Ormus Gold - Dave Kane
Tong Ren & Universal Consciousness - Ken Hadden
A World of Healing Modalities - Lecain W Smith
Gravity Healing - Tom Tam
Energy Clearing: Finding the Secret Balance - Ama Lightworker
The Essentials of Source Energy Medicine (SEM) - Stephen Pollitt