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Mini Phone Sessions with Our Speakers:  Ken Hadden  | Rick Kuethe  | Rachel SelikoffDr. Ming Wu |

Tong Ren Therapy General Healing Session

Group General Healing Session using Tong Ren Therapy.  Monica has been leading Tong Ren healing sessions for 6 years, and has been broadcasting distance healing sessions through  for almost 4 years. In both individual and group healing, patients experience amazing results, including improvements on patients with cancer.   |bio

Bob Grace

Why meditative exercise is so powerful for maximizing Tong Ren Healing

Practice Tai Chi and Chi Gong with Bob Grace.  In this lunchtime session you will experience how Chi--Tong Ren bioelectricity--moves through your body, unblocking the blockage points that cause all illness.  Bob Grace has taught Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Gong in the US and abroad for over 30 years.  He has been a student and associate of Tom Tam since 1986. He is the longtime director of Tom's Oriental Culture Institute and has a flourishing healing and martial arts practice in Tom's Haverhill center and in Bangor, Maine.  |  Bio

Ken Alan Hadden

Tong Ren and Meditation: Activating the Body's Healing Process

Come experience and learn how to teach meditation and simple breathing techniques for people receiving Tong Ren. Meditation brings the brainwaves down to the Alpha state, the relaxed alert place where healing begins. Also incorporating affirmations into a healing session allows a deeper experience. Healing only truly happens when you are relaxed. Give your class and clients a full body relaxation to activate the body’s healing potential. There will be a slide show and handouts. Build your confidence as a Tong Ren practitioner. Ken has held Tong Ren sessions in an adult day pyschiatric program and with homeless drug addicts with HIV and AIDS.    | Bio

Linda Hogan

Teaching the Healers of the FutureTong Ren for Toddlers, Teens and the Young at Heart
Tong Ren is the perfect healing modality for anyone including the very young and the very old. When taught to young children It helps foster concern and compassion for others by helping them perceive how another is feeling. What an amazing generation they will be having learned this at such an early age. When taught to the elderly, it gives them a renewed sense of independence, self-control and self-worth. All ages and abilities are welcome to participate in this basic tong ren class.  Bio

Janet & Craig Holmes

Super Charging Tong Ren Therapy: Healing methods that can support & harmonize the healing power of Tong Ren 

After Tong Ren helped Janet recover from a life-threatening illness in 2005 we became passionate about using this healing technique to help others.  Our participation over the years in Tom’s guinea pig classes and the free Tong Ren conference calls led us to delve into the underlying power of Tong Ren and the important role played by the mind-body connection. Along the way we learned of other healing modalities, such as dowsing and two-pointing, and we use these techniques to supercharge Tom’s beautifully simple method of tapping on key meridian points to remove blockages.    | Bio

Rick Kuethe

Healing CancerHow to find the source of cancer in forgotten traumas and release it!

Rick Kuethe demystifies cancer and offers practical new insights on how to address it.  By the use of scanning and medical intuition to uncover trauma long held in the body, Rick outlines an exciting new dimension to his Tong Ren practice that has yielded astonishing—and inspiring—results.  With an illuminating slide show and fascinating stories and testimonials from cancer patients, this hour will reframe your understanding of cancer.  Prepare to be surprised!    |bio

Joe Lucier

The Tam Healing System: The Science, Anatomy and Point Location for Effective Healing.

The Tong Ren Therapy system is part of the larger Tom Tam Healing System which can also use acupuncture, qi gong and tuina for healing. Author Joe Lucier will share his knowledge of the Tong Ren System, which is based on his Book The Tam Healing System and Tom's clinical practice and research of over 20 years which utilizes both western and eastern medical thought.    | Bio

Hayley Mermelstein

Tong Ren Chakra Balancing (TRCB)An innovative healing system which promotes healing on all levels. 

Developed by Haley, Ton Ren Chakra Balancing promotes healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  As chakra blockages are released the chakras balance themselves to allow the connection to our own inner light and all the healing energy that is around us.    Bio


Kimberlee Moore  Lic., Ac.

Live Sound Meditation Concert: with Ancient Himalayan Singing Bowls and Sacred Gongs

Come join us heart to heart as Kimberlee uses this ancient tool of Tibetan books to heal your body, quiet your mind and bring the sacred into your life.  Let this vibration of love touch the deepest part of yourself as Kimberlee creates a sacred space for our Symposium Weekend.  Bio

Leslie Murphy Lic.Ac

Tong Ren for Children: Simple, Easy, Effective and Fun for the Health of Our Littlest Ones.

Tong Ren is a powerful healing modality that is not only great for adults but for children struggling with physical and emotional health concerns as well.  Attendees will learn about this non-invasive treatment method and its benefits for children and will leave empowered knowing how they can treat specific childhood illnesses.    | Bio

Millie Pepple

Supercharging the E.R.: Improving Conventional Emergency Room Care with Medical Intuition and Tong Ren Therapy

Nurse Practitioner, Certified Medical Intuitive, and Tong Ren Practitioner, Millie has a passion for healing.  Millie will discuss  ways that Medical Intuition and Tong Ren therapy could be used in conjunction with conventional medicine in the Emergency Department.  She believes that complementary medicine and energetic healing are compatible with the complex biological and energetic systems found in the body.    | Bio

Sandra Schriefer

My Journey to Tong Ren and Beyond: the 'Wind Beneath My Wings"

Sandra's vision is to create a Disease Free Planet. For this she has compiled techniques from many healing modalities.  Her journey started in 1984 when her young son Rob was diagnosed with Friedreich's Ataxia a debilitating, life-shortening, degenerative neuro-muscular disorder.   This traumatic diagnosis set her on a personal journey seeking answers first for her beloved son, then for herself and others.    | Bio 

Rachel Selikoff

Animal Communication: Using Tong Ren Therapy to Create Communication Bonds with our Animal Friends

Tong Ren Therapy can be used to provide a stronger, more beneficial connection with animals for their wellbeing and to assist in their healing.  Rachel has been often been called Mrs. Dr. Do Little, as she hears and can translate animals' thoughts and words into English. This seminar will be interactively created.  It will show you how to increase your own animal communication skills.  Please bring  a picture of your pet.    | Bio

Charlie Smigelski , RD

Nutrition and Tong RenA Phenomenal Recipe for Repair

When Chi is flowing the body is better able to repair. Do you eat well enough that all the right groceries are showing up at the work site? In modern life, people don’t consume all the foods their caveman era genes are counting on for mending injured cells. Chemotherapy has damaged nerves, but are you eating elk and yak, so the L-carnitine is there to reverse the neuropathy? Chances are you’re not grabbing grubs from a rotting stump today, and didn’t eat 4 packages of leaves either. This lecture reviews some foods and supplements that help reverse festering repair problems. Case studies are presented.   | Bio

Dr. Shaw Sprague

Tong Ren:  Restoring the Unconscious Healing Power of the Mind

Dr. Sprague will be speaking about how Tong Ren integrates Traditional Chinese Principals of energetic medicine with Carl Jung's theories of archetypal energy patterns.  Research has shown this system reduces stress, promotes wellness, prevents disease and restores balance in mind, body, and spirit.    | Bio

Tom Tam

Tom Tam our Key Note Speaker is the Man who started it all. He is developer of Tong Ren Therapy, [part of the Tam Healing System] a form of energy healing which is now offered in healing classes and used by practitioners world-wide. He has taken the Huatuojiaji system, along with acupuncture shu points or energy source points, Western anatomy and the chiropractic system and combined them to form his healing system. His techniques are from the Eastern traditional and folk medicine, and the philosophy from the West.  He has successfully treated many patients all over the world using this system. His techniques have led to the successful treatment of a wide range of medical conditions. Tom has authored numerous books which explain his theories and techniques.    | Bio

Kathy Tangney

Creative Problem Solving
The enjoyment of learning and discovery has led to great innovation, as seen in Tom Tam's Tong Ren Therapy. Tom is also a published poet. Artists are known for their creative problem solving ability. Mine started as a little girl wanting to quietly communicate with my siblings sleeping in the next room. Dad had taught my brother and I Morse code, ah ha. Next step, taptaptapping the code on the wall. Now in my sixties, I find myself taptaptapping again, this time on a doll with a hammer using the code developed by Tom Tam for Tong Ren Therapy. Funny how life seems to go full circle!    | Bio

The Miracle of Tong Ren: Nothing to Lose

Sandy traces her journey from patient to therapist to instructor of Tong Ren therapy.  She examines her own healing, the healing of others and the universality of Tong Ren therapy.  Her presentation is laced with humor, compassion, and anecdotes as she shares her 16 year excursion into the world of Tong Ren.

  | Bio

Kathy Wilson

The Business of Tong Ren Therapy:   How to Develop a Tong Ren Practice. 

This is "Tong Ren " from a business perspective, with creative ideas, workable tools & available resources to aid you in starting or empowering your own Tong Ren Therapy Practice.

In the areas of organization, finance, strategic planning, effective marketing and internet presence, you will learn practical & valuable tools and techniques which can be easily applied.    | Bio

Heather Wolfe

Self Nurturance - A Joyful Solution to Breast Cancer Prevention & Healing.

Seminar Presentation:  Self Nurturance - A Joyful Solution to Breast Cancer Prevention & Healing.

Breast Cancer is preventable and can be healed in many different ways other than, or in conjunction with, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. However one must follow the guidelines, and one must know what they are. Paying acute attention to one's own needs on all levels is the necessary ingredient for healing of any cancer.  During this talk Heather will focus on breast cancer and how a journey into Self where love and joy are to be found - even side by side with sadness and anger will open the pathways back to health!     | Bio

Dr. Ming Wu

Tong Ren and Tui Na Therapy: For Family and Self Healing

Tui Na is a hands on technique focused on releasing pressure points. Though the application of massage and manipulation Tui Na helps establish a more harmonious flow of Chi allowing the body to naturally heal itself. We apply this technique along with the Tom Tam Healing System to release physical blockages along the nervous system for healing. This technique and healing theory is based on the principles and experience as developed by Tom Tam.   Dr. Wu will introduce simple techniques which you can use on yourself, family and friends for optimum health.  | Bio