Christine Taylor

Animal Healing Therapy:

From Tong Ren to Laser -many modalities can be used in animal healing therapy.  Christine will talk about how show  how she combines energy, body work, homeopathy,  nutrition and herbs for addressing the health of the whole animal from emotions to physical.


Christine Taylor, founder and owner of BodyKneads Muscle Therapy in Whitinsville, MA. She has studied many different modalities and focuses her practice on Human and Equine massage, laser therapy, fitness and flexibility, animal communication, and Tong Ren for both humans and all types of animals. She also teaches workshops in Equine massage, saddle fitting, stretching and pressure release techniques. 

Concerned about chemical irritations to her horses and the safety of the ingredients that she was using she started making her own products.    This has developed into Equinature, which distributes these products  for others to use, throughout the country at many equestrian and pet stores.   



Christine Taylor
BodyKneads Muscle Therapy
Northbridge, MA 01534
United States