Dr. Eleanor Marks

How to do Tong Ren: Case Histories

with Felipe Ortega & Dr. Eleanor Marks

Felipe &  Eleanor will focus on the How to of Tong Ren, along with the different techniques and methodology by bringing forward actual case histories they have worked with.  Tong Ren application to cases, and  time for those who have questions about personal issues and different cases you are concerned about.

Healing Eyes, Emotions and Everything Else

with Lynne Connolly &  Dr. Eleanor Marks

Tong Ren Healing is used to treat all kinds of problems related to eyes, ears, emotions and any physical ailments, (cancer, autoimmune, metabolic, etc.)  Here you will share with Eleanor and Lynne what they have experienced as a result of their own healing paths.  As well as what they have learned from the participants in their own Tong Ren Healing Classes.



Eleanor Marks (M.Ed., Harvard University, Ph.D., Boston University) has worked for Tom Tam since 2000.  Tong Ren healed her life-long eye blockages, and Eleanor changed her career from academia to Tong Ren practitioner because she knows the Tom Tam Healing System will transform Western medicine, heal the world, and save our economy at the same time!  Her husband is celebrating his fifth year healed from cancer--no chemo, no radiation--Tong Ren works!

She practices full time and has always been interested in Healing the World and Healing People.

Dr. Eleanor Marks
United States