Felipe Ortega

How to do Tong Ren: Case Histories

with Dr. Eleanor Marks & Felipe Ortega

Felipe &  Eleanor will focus on the How to of Tong Ren, along with the different techniques and methodology by bringing forward actual case histories they have worked with.  Tong Ren application to cases, and  time for those who have questions about personal issues and different cases you are concerned about.


Felipe Ortega is an Apache medicine man and Artist.   Of Jicarilla Apache descent, and fluent in 12 languages, Felipe honors the ancient over 400 year old tradition of his ancestors working the mica rich clay indigenous to this region of New Mexico. Credited by many with reviving the art of the Apache Bean pot. He claims that he is the ‘fastest coiler in the west’, referring to the coil & scrape method he uses to build his beautiful micaceous clay pottery

Felipe has been able to treat and defeat his stage 4 prostate cancer diagnosis, with a combination of Tong Ren, Tui Na, acupuncture, prayers and some western medicine has essentially made Felipe cancer free

Tong Ren healing sessions by Felipe  at Apache Drums Community Social


Felipe Ortega
PO Box 682,
La Madera, NM 87539
United States