Joe Lucier

Reversing Cancer Naturally

Understanding the Nature of Cancer

Cancer is a Survival Mechanism of Nature and can be Reversed - Cancer is not a lack of chemotherapy, it is not a lack of radiation or surgery, it is a survival response to long term acidity, toxicity, deficiency and most importantly, oxygen deprivation to the cells. Along with a proper diet, Tong Ren Therapy has a unique way in approaching cancer in that it can address all of these factors with its focus on blockages on the bioelectricity of the Central Nervous System (CNS)..

The material covered in this lecture is taken from Joe’s upcoming book Nature Creates and Cures Cancer Understanding Phase 1, an Immune System Problem, and Phase 2 Cancer, An Oxygen Problem.


Joseph Lucier AOBTA is a long time student of Asia, having a degree in Chinese Studies from Boston College, Boston Massachusetts. He also lived in Asia for over 15 years. While there he followed his passion for Chinese Art, Chinese Language, Chinese Philosophy, The Dao, Buddhism, Healing Arts and Martial Arts. Mr. Lucier is a Certified Licensed Medical Massage Therapist LMT AOBTA, Author, and has been a Tong Ren and Tui Na Therapist for over 16 Years

* Certified Licensed Medical Massage Therapist LMT AOBTA
* Tong Ren and Tui Na Therapist 16 Years
* Author - Tam Healing System - Illustrated Anatomy
* Author - Tam Healing System - Depression
* Author - Tam Healing System - Bioelectricity
* Author - Tam Healing System - Cancer Strategies (2016)
* Author - Common Sense Nutrition - Plant Based Nutrition Benefits
* Author - Common Sense Nutrition - The Dairy Contrarian
* Publisher - Tong Ren Times International Newsletter
* Founder - Tong Ren Academy

Joseph Lucier
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