Sandra Schriefer

How to Get Well and Stay Well with Tong Ren Therapy and MORE!

Making a Better Life is a challenge but possible using the right tools and giving up limiting beliefs.  Sandra will share HOW she has brought about change of her own health challenges and WHY in her 11th Year of this ONGOING STUDY of Tong Ren Therapy.  She has witnessed miracles all around her at Tom's classes and even on her conference calls.   She is an active volunteer at several classes of Tom's each week tapping which is always a learning experience.  Sandra does 3 FREE conference calls each week on Tuesdays for the past 8 years and counting.  Sandra's vision is to create a Disease Free Planet.  She has compiled techniques from many healing modalities, workshops and books.  Her journey started in 1984 when her young son, Robbie was diagnosed with Friedreich's Ataxia, a debilitating, life-shortening, degenerative neuro-muscular disorder.   This traumatic diagnosis set her on a personal journey/mission seeking answers first for her beloved son and surprised herself with beating her own health challenges and has guided and helped others to do the same. She believes that health is a personal experience and treats the body, mind and spirit.


I am a Tong Ren Practitioner, Acupuncture WITHOUT needles and Tom Tam calls it BEYOND ACUPUNCTURE.   He created this healing modality/energy medicine from his Acupuncture Practice. I was certified by Tom Tam in 2005 so I could help my son, Rob with his diagnosis of Friedreich's Ataxia 31 years ago this coming July.  I recently took his seminar in March which concentrated on the missing link of healing which is BIO-ELECTRICITY.  I have searched for answers an incorporated them to help Rob beat this terminal horrific disease and at the very least give him a better quality of life.  The doctor gave him 6 months, a year, 5 or 10 years way back in '84 and it's been my MISSION to find answers to make a difference.  I became attuned to many healing modalities and delved heavy into health and wellness.  In my quest for helping Robbie who has been "The Wind Beneath My Wings",  I was able to beat two diagnosed death sentences and get rid of Thyroid Disease of a lifetime.  I have incorporated my skills and knowledge into my TOOL BOX of LIFE and enjoy sharing them with anyone who wants to listen and partake.  I hope you will visit my blog/website for more insight in what I do.  To your Health and Wellness by Sandra!

Sandra Schriefer
Health and Wellness by Sandra
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