Tom Tam

New Developments in Quantum Tong Ren Healing

Friday Night Keynote Speech:  June 24 (7:00pm - 9:00pm)

The Tong Ren Therapy energy healing technique which can be used by practitioners and lay people for self-help or to help heal others. Tong Ren Therapy is a part of the Tam Healing System is a system of acupuncture, bodywork, and healing based on both TCM and Western Medicine concepts as well as decades of clinical experience.  Tom will be talking about the new developments and insights that he has discovered that is currently making Tong Ren Therapy popular world wide for both lay and professionals.

Discoveries in quantum mechanics and particle physics indicate that the reality we experience in three-dimensional space and time is only one relatively small and transient domain of reality. There are other aspects of reality which we cannot see with our five senses, and these domains underlie and interact with the realm we experience. In this new vision of multiple interconnected domains of reality, our cognitive and spiritual energies interact with an underlying universal energy field, which is inherently organized and naturally healthy. Illness occurs when our body becomes uncoupled or "blocked" from these deeper levels of reality.

There is a fundamental coherence in the universe that is enduring in time which we experience as synchronicity. If we provide a conduit for our manifest reality to reconnect and re-synchronize with the original underlying but unobservable energies and domains of reality, we then bring our three-dimensional space-time “diseased reality” back into harmony with original natural “healthy reality”.  Tong Ren Healing has achieved this stage in its development.

The theoretical mechanism of Tong Ren Healing can be described mathematically through an equation:  CU (Gp∞) x E = S(L)  A/n
CU= Collective Unconscious ( (Gp∞) weighted by the number of people up to infinity in the group) multiplied by Brainwave Entrainment effect per person receiving healing = level of synchronicity effect per person / A/n (mediated by the effects of the neurophysiology by the actions of the acupuncture points utilized.)

Tong Ren is being practiced in over twenty States and countries. Results from the different groups seem to show similar, replicable treatment outcomes.   The power of the Tong Ren technique rests on the group intention, confidence of the practitioner (belief) and size of the group of practitioners and participants (Collective Unconscious). It is theorized that activation of healing mechanisms through energetics and the Nervous System is related to Brainwave Entrainment and not to the so-called Placebo Effect. The Brainwave Entrainment condition in turn activates a state of synchronicity with the treatment. The mind-body effect as postulated by scientists like Candice Pert show that certain states can stimulate the release of health modulating molecules without the introduction of external, physical substances. Finally, the change to the nomenclature of acupuncture points, their actions and effects through the Nervous System, has been one of the greatest achievements and contributions of Tom Tam.

Gravity Wave Healing

Tong Ren Gravity Wave is a healing modality that works based on a few different scientific principles. By using a Tong Ren Wave Healing device, we apply the technique with the goal of eliminating blockages to increase circulation, which in turn treats whatever problem that may be present. 

  • Blockages – a blockage as defined in our studies can be any type of circulatory problem that inhibits the necessary circulation needed by the body to function properly. Blockages can exist in local areas of the body where it is affected, this is commonly referred to as the ouch point. Any area that may have pain and causes an “ouch”, hence the name ouch point. Blockages can also exist distally especially in cases related to the arms or legs. Blockages can be superficially felt (muscles that pinch nerves that inhibit circulation) or it can be much deeper (arteries, veins, etc).
  • Sound – sound is an important aspect of Tong Ren Wave Healing. When sound is projected from the Tong Ren Wave probes, a physical vibration is generated. This vibration can be felt physically and is used to stimulate areas superficially.
  • Ultrasound – ultrasound is sound that can not be heard and can not be felt. Ultrasound is commonly used in medical devices for imaging due to the ability of ultrasound to penetrate deep into the body. Tong Ren Wave applies this principle to healing by directing the ultrasound vibration to treat ouch points and distal points.
  • Brainwave Entrainment – the concept of brainwave entrainment is synchronizing of brainwaves. This aspect of the Tong Ren Wave Healing devices is a proprietary method that aims to entrain a person’s brainwaves to bring their mind and body into the healing state.
Weight Loss Demonstrations

Weight Loss with using the Tong Ren blockage theory - This session will be a demonstration of Tom's weight loss protocols.  The belief is that excess weight  is the result of blockages in your body.  Not the result of lack of will power.

Weight control eludes many people. Despite years of dieting, their weight to still too high, and continues to be an issue.  Our society discriminates against those who are heavy.  Excess weight causes heavy toll on both emotional and physical health. Many people have a sluggish metabolism. Others gained weight because of medical therapy like steroid treatment. For some, they use food for comfort to fill in the holes of connection.


Tom Tam is a licensed acupuncturist in Massachusetts, a healer, author, poet, and an incredibly warm and caring human being. Born in Tai Shan, China, he came to the United States in 1975 as a political refugee. Since 1982, he has been practicing acupuncture, Tai Chi, and Chi Gong healing with great success. In 1984 Tom trained students in acupuncture and Tui Na in the Boston area and in the mid-1990s, Tom created the Tong Ren Healing System. His method combined Western medicine and traditional Eastern medical knowledge and practice to form a new theory for the understanding and healing of difficult diseases such as cancer, MS and arthritis..others.

He is the developer of the Tom Tam Healing System which utilizes acupuncture, energy healing and tui na for treating conditions which have proven to be difficult to treat by other methods. As part of his healing system, Master Tam has popularized a form of energy healing, Tong Ren Therapy, which is now offered in classes world-wide. His techniques have led to the successful treatment of a very wide range of medical conditions. He has authored numerous books which explain his theories and techniques and has many students who utilize his techniques around the world.

Tom has been developing Tong Ren part of his Tam Healing System for more than 25 years, and he continues its evolution.   He has used Tong Ren to heal thousands of patients, and has trained hundreds of practitioners who share this healing method around the world. Tong Ren is a Complementary therapy, rather than an alternative to traditional medical care. Tong Ren practitioners depend on the patient's physician to diagnose the cause of an illness. They do not practice medicine; they do not diagnose, prescribe, interfere with traditional medical advice, or promise a cure. They invite each patient to synchrony with healthy universal energy, and thereby restore health by healing or stabilizing an ailment. Tong Ren Therapy opens new horizons for medical professionals and other healers, and for anyone hoping to return to health.



Tom Tam
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