2018 Energy Healing Symposium

Cutting Edge presentations and demonstrations on Energy Healing, Metaphysical, Practical Health Applications, Quantum Physics & Consciousness.  Some of our upcoming Speakers & Topics.  (*KeyNotes)

Arthur Babakhanov Longevity: I've Decided to Live 120 Years
Trish Blain The Four Forces: Paradigm: Shifting for a Better World
Kristi Borst Healing the Physcial at the Quantum Level
Werner Brandmaier How Earth Grid Lines & EMF's Affect Health
How to Protect Your Home and Family Against EMF's
James Dempsey Maximize The Power of Your Personal Energy Field
Douglas Koch Sound Healing With Himalayan Singing Bowls
Joseph Lucier The Nature of Cancer as a Survival tool for Healing
Medical Massage Therapy
* Adam Masters Healing Journey to the Still Point of the Heart
How to Get off Pharmaceuticals &  Resolve Health Issues
Kathryn McGlynn Soul Entrainment ®
Dr. William Newman Gentle Effective Healing: Introduction to Advanced Integrative Therapy
Alma Nexhipi Face Reading
Julie Pelletier-Rutkowski Feng Shui Primer
Shaw Sprague Timeless Healing: Stillness through Physical & Nonphysical States
Bell Tam Healing Hands. Tui Na Therapy
* Tom Tam Tong Ren Quantum Healing - Beyond 4 Dimensions
Gravity Medicine
Liz Tobin How to Harness the Power of Group
Dr. Adhi Two Owls Engaged Earth Energy Stewardship
Healing Power of the Drum Circle
Charlie Smigelski Nutrition and Tong Ren:  A Phenomenal Recipe for Repair
* Paul Weisbart Introduction to Still Point & Subtle Yogic Technology
Quantumwave Lasers: Cultivating Neutrality
Kathy Wilson Harnessing the Power of Your Magnificent Spirit Guides
Introduction to Energy Balancing Numbers

Discover the healing power of Energy Healing Therapies that are being used in your community.
- Develop, Learn, Experience from the Experts
- Hear about new developments and old tested successful methods
- Empower your own Practice with new Tools and Techniques
- Check out  Energy Healing methods as a powerful addition to your existing or future healing practice
- See how simple healing technique alters lives
- Find out how you can make a difference in the health of those you care for
- Connect and meet those who are active in the healing community
- Get some healing and blockages cleared for yourself
- Visit the Vendor / Practitioner area for one on one connections
- Stock up with Healing Therapy Books & Products
- Experience a Session with an individual Practitioner or in a Group.
- Designed for all levels of experience or  knowledge.  Novice to Expert.