Adam Masters

Adam Masters

Healing Journey to the Still Point of the Heart

In his new book, Adam has used 250 thousand words to explain how healing happens.    Which is Quantum Healing. Doesn't waiver from the truth, has a fractal imprint of being to all their is of health.

In this fun lecture Adam Masters reveals to you concepts of health from his new book, “Health Disclosure” never considered that unravels the mystery to achieving health.  Learn as he takes you through the Matrix to gain insight to how best align with efficiency in the body where disease cannot exist.  Learn how Adam had a client lose 60 lbs in 90 days without exercise, or changing diet to achieve ultimate efficiency.  Bring your insights as we build together the Matrix to perfect health.  Please attend as the magic of life unfolds.


How to Get off Pharmaceuticals and Resolve Health Issues

Disease is only a symptom and exists only because of an absence of health.

How to achieve option efficiently in the body where disease can not exist. To evoke change you need three things -Awareness, Desire & Interest.  Though various models, Adam will talk on how to implement his accelerate healing process.   One goes to cause of inflammation, cause of health, cause of disease, and managing crisis through three principle elements.  Each and every disease goes to this  road map.  This is your Architectural l blueprint of sequence and priorities and budgets to health.  Getting healthy doesn't have to be expensive, there are economical ways of getting free of symptoms.

We live in a backwards world that is 180 degree to the truth.  In a world of abundance we live an absolute lie.  This lie is stress.  There is no plausible excuse who we chose to live in stress.   All things are available to us, utopia in a world of abundance.  We can live our hearts rather than the destructive energy of fear.

Once you get the pattern down, we can heal every disease   By the end of the talk you there is no cure for disease it is only the absence of health.  It is Limitless on how healthy you want to get.


Adam Masters spent a lifetime flirting with chronic pain using conventional and alternative practitioners, but they couldn't help him from collapsing into a wheelchair with advanced cancer, unresponsive to chemo.  Learn how to resolve pain, inflammation, arthritis, and disease.

Health is about optimizing every cell in your body to vibrate and harmonize to full potential. Adam Masters, once confined to a wheelchair, discovered that there are only 5 elements to health that need to be in balance to solve for any disease or unhealthy ailment. Not only will you be free of the health care system, but get ready to thrive with exhilaration and desire of someone 10 years younger!

Learn one man’s secret to success struggling with unhealthy weight, pain, inflammation, depression, disease and cancer outside the system over the course of 35 years in the book Health Disclosure.

Adam will be around all weekend if you want to have him do an intuitive read on you for health and areas to focus on for improvement.