Ama LightWorker

Ama LightWorker

Face Reading

Your face is the inner map of your energy patterns and life. How to match yourself with someone, based on face reading! .

  • Archetypes associates with each face type, the energy of each archetype
  • Face Mapping, timing of life events, energetic imprints of emotions in your face
  • Why do you attract certain energies, people, situations, etc
  • How to know anyone at a glance, choose a lover,partner,teacher, a friend etc.

Growing up Ama would receive messages and premonitions from other realms about family and friends which she would then find out to become reality. Her psychic abilities have been inherited from her paternal grandmother, who would appear in her dreams and visions to teach her how to not be afraid but to embrace and further develop her psychic abilities. As a teenager she embraced her gifts and would do coffee readings for her family and friends as a hobby. However, in her 30s Ama experienced an increase in her psychic abilities and spiritual awakening. The message she received from the Divine Light was that it was time for her to use her natural abilities to help others in need. At this period she devoted her time to further develop these gifts by attending spiritual development courses. By combining her naturally born abilities with her various trainings, she has established her own unique system of predictions and healings, so to better help others heal and find enlightenment in their paths. In her unique system, which can be done in person or distance, she uses Reiki Light, Tong Ren therapy, Face reading, Birthday Reading, Chinese Medicine, Energy Clearing, Nutrition and intuitive insight.