Charlie Smigelski

Charlie Smigelski

Nutrition and Tong Ren: A Phenomenal Recipe for Repair

When Chi is flowing the body is better able to repair. Do you eat well enough that all the right groceries are showing up at the work site? In modern life, people don’t consume all the foods their caveman era genes are counting on for mending injured cells. Chemotherapy has damaged nerves, but are you eating elk and yak, so the L-carnitine is there to reverse the neuropathy? Chances are you’re not grabbing grubs from a rotting stump today, and didn't’t eat 4 packages of leaves either. This lecture reviews some foods and supplements that help reverse festering repair problems. Case studies are presented. 


Charlie Smigelski is a well-known nutrition counselor, writer and speaker. He was dietitian at the Harvard University student-faculty health service for 14 years. He has nutrition research experience at the world famous Framingham Heart Study. Past academic affiliations have been at Tufts Medical School, and the Boston University School of Public Health, and BU Medical School, Department of Computer Medicine. He also spent a number of years at the Fenway Health Center, one of Boston’s major HIV research and care centers.
He has a special interest in diet and immune function. This covers the range of nutrition for MS and rheumatoid arthritis, to Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and hepatitis C. His book, Eat Up: HIV Nutrition book has sold more than 25, 000 copies. He has just published a new book:  Exceptional Aging: Fierce Food and Smart Supplements; the nutrition formula for vitality after 50. He lectures to professional and consumer groups on all aspects of dynamic nutrition care. Topics include heart disease, athletics performance, autoimmune disorders, infectious disease, weight control and aging gracefully. Adding Tong Ren therapy to nutritional counseling improves healing. Quite simply, having Chi flowing improves the delivery of nutrients to struggling cells.