Christina Meriah-Lucia

Christina Meriah-Lucia

Using Tuning Forks to Match Your Heart’s Desire

The use of tuning forks calibrated to specific frequencies may assist in raising your vibration for your optimal health and wellbeing. The Solfeggio Tuning Forks have hidden meanings and are based on the ancient 6-tone music scale and sacred geometry. This workshop is to introduce the Solfeggio Color Tuning Forks and their benefits for aligning the chakras to create a free flow of energy. You will learn two techniques using these frequencies with the power of intention, symbols and affirmations to raise your vibration and match the desires of your heart.  Participants will be bathe in sound vibrations.


Christina Meriah-Lucia  (Artist & Sound Vibrational Coach) BS from Buffalo State College in Exceptional Education, Teacher, Chaplain Emeritus of Unity on the River Spiritual Center, Amesbury MA  Speaker & Teacher on art, consciousness,  sound, and the vibration of love, metaphysics and she is a visionary artist of 30 years. 

Christina is a Certified Vibrational Sound Practitioner and Certified Vibrational Sound Coach. She  received my training from David Hulse a Master Sound Teacher and founder of SomaEnergetics and have had a sound practice for 3 years. In addition she has certification and training as a Spiritual Coach from Stillpoint  School of Advanced Energy Healing and has been certified in Reiki I & II since 2000 from the Los Angeles School of Reiki. In her practice she use sound vibration techniques with Reiki and Intuitive direction to assist individuals to clear their energy field and chakras and release emotional blockages to create a  free flow of energy for greater health and vitality.