David Kane

Dave Kane

Technologies on the Edge of 5D

The bringing together of Science and Spirit, This convergence leads to the understanding of Consciousness

Keeping simplicity in the Complicated World

The purpose of this lecture is to enlighten us in the understanding of the balance between our 3D world and what I call our 5D world or spiritual world.  We start with explanations of what these things are and our aim is to have an enlightening interactive discussion.  You already know a lot about these things and we hope to present some new perspectives.

Ormus and the Moon **Stand in Presentation**

Making Ormus at full moon garners an interesting energetic input. You also input your energies into the process by your state of being at that time.

All life in earth is affected by the moon, a celestial body.  Our sun allows us to exist.  What about other celestial bodies?  Could other celestial bodies also affect us?  Could the other planets of our solar system affect the ormus materials in our bodies?  We believe that 5 to 10 percent of our physical weight is in the ormic form of materials (the chemically inert form, like the inert gasses). Do your ormic materials reorient themselves and act as a  snapshot in time from when you were presented to the world.

Once we have the question the answer appears.  And when an answer arrives it usually creates more questions.  Join Dave curiously explores questions raised by anomalies.



My background has always followed an insatiable need to know how and why things work. As  4 year old, a kid punched me in the nose which knocked me on my behind, it is one of my earliest memories.I remember thinking ' Oh that is what a punch in the nose feels like'. There was no other reaction to the event. I now knew. Everything in my life, ever since, has been this quest, to know.   Dowsing and the spiritual side of life attended me in a great wave some 12 years ago.

     My technical background has been  analytical, and mechanical and the study of health protocols and processes.  Alchemical practices have become a large part of this in the last few years. I  been learning that these protocols link so closely that dowsing has become a major tool in my quest. I and my  partner, Riki, are  now in their 12th year of Ormus research combined with spiritual research and the enlightenments derived.