Douglas Koch

Douglas T Koch

Sound Healing with Himalayan Singing Bowls

This session will invite our intentional interactions with the Himalayan singing bowls, introducing and reviewing techniques for using these instruments in energy healing. Through hands-on playing with bowls, we will explore different dimensions of their use in therapy, educational contexts, ambient environments, meditation, personal and corporate worship and just plain pleasure! What might the singing bowls teach us about listening? Participants are encouraged to bring a bowl or two.


Doug Koch (“Cook”), B.D., M.Mus, is Faculty Emeritus of Curry College in Milton, MA where he taught philosophy, religion, ethnomusicology and music performance.  His professional and personal trajectories integrate music and spiritual educator, jazz performer and composer, liturgical artist and sacred sound practitioner, Himalayan bowl “singer” and energy healing facilitator. Doug developed a course at Curry on Sound & Healing, exploring the healing and transformational potentials of sound – surveying the physiology and psychology, the philosophy and spirituality as well as the history of healing with sound.

He continues to offer workshops, sonic accompaniment for the terminally ill, “bowl songs” for meditation and life      transitions, and private sound therapy sessions - integrating various sonic healing modalities with yoga, Tong Ren, Reiki and other energy healing techniques. Doug regularly incorporates the bowls in the liturgical prayer life of his church community in Cambridge, MA.

Douglas Koch
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