Dr. Adhi Two Owls

Dr. Adhi Two Owls

Engaged Earth Energy Stewardship

We are at a time when we must as energy healers focus on the long term health and wellbeing of the earth and all her beings. In this lecture I would like to share useful methods as well as insights I have gleaned from my work over the past few years. As a shaman I know that weaving the physical to the energetic world is vital for the survival of this reality. In some traditions this is called "bringing the worlds together" and we are at a time in our journey with this world that we need to come together and cooperate in order for change and transformation to happen. The eon of the "I" is over and we are entering the time of "We"... and it is through unity, compassion, and creating coalitions that we can make the world we want for us and future generations.

Friday Night - Healing Power of the Drum Circle

A place is being held for you in the circle.  You are invited to come and be in this sacred the drumming circle. Bring your rattles, shakers, or drums to contribute to the beat or just sit back and enjoy.

Join Adhi as she leads you through an evening of sound and shamanic healing. Using drums, rattles and song Adhi will share the wisdom and teachings that have been practiced for 1,000s of years all over the globe. 

These kinds of gatherings have brought communities together for healing, unity and intention for the betterment of all beings.


Dr. Adhi Two Owls is a traditionally trained Shaman, Dowser, Visual Artist and multi disciplined Energy Healer. She has a wealth of knowledge on sacred objects, creating sacred space, physical and energetic methods for cultivating wellness in people and places. Dr. Adhi has her PhD in Therapeutic Counselling and Philosophy for her research into the effectiveness of shamanic practices for wellness. She travels all over the world to share her wisdom and bring people into harmony with their environment through ceremony, the creative process, community building and healing.

Dr. Adhi Two Owls
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