Dr. Ming Wu

Dr. Ming Wu

Tong Ren and Tui Na Therapy: For Family and Self Healing

Tui Na is a hands on technique focused on releasing pressure points. Though the application of massage and manipulation Tui Na helps establish a more harmonious flow of Chi allowing the body to naturally heal itself. We apply this technique along with the Tom Tam Healing System to release physical blockages along the nervous system for healing. This technique and healing theory is based on the principles and experience as developed by Tom Tam.   Dr. Wu will introduce simple techniques which you can use on yourself, family and friends for optimum health.

Bio:  MIng Wu, Ph.D. Is a doctor of Chinese Medicine, Tong Ren Therapy, Master Tai Chi and Qi Gong Practictioner, Certify Tui Na Therapy.

He has Studied Tai Chi and Qi Gong in China and US for more then 40 years, he has received authentic Yang Style Tai Chi instruction from his Sifu Gin Soon Chu, he has studied Tong Ren therapy with Master Tom tam since 1994

He has dedicated his life to healing and teaching others how to live healthy and healing lives.

Qi Gong is an integral element of Dr. Wu's healing practice and is supported by his years of research in energy, medicine, and meditation.

Contact Info:  Ming Wu, Ph.D., Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Herbalist, Tong Ren Therapy, Tai Chi Master   76 Nason Street, Maynard, MA 01754  |Office: 978-461-2168  Cell: 978-790-8888   |  www.wuhealing.com