Dr. William R. Newman

Dr. William R. Newman

Gentle Effective Healing: Introduction to Advanced Integrative Therapy
Advanced Integrative Therapy. AIT is a transpersonal, body-centered, energy therapy that treats ego wounds resulting from traumatic incidents and patterns held in the body, psyche and spirit.

When you should consider AIT Therapy.

As a Client:  When you feel

  • Your inner suffering has become hard to handle and you are looking for help.
  • You are ill and the traditional and alternative approaches aren't working.
  • You have tried many therapies with no effective outcome.
  • You feel blocked spiritually and want to release what has you trapped.

As a Therapist: When you want

  • to see your clients move forward more quickly.
  • help clients suffer less.
  • try a modalty that can improve your practice
  • to meet your clients' therapeutic needs by treating all areas of their bodies, psyches, and spiritual energies.
The goal is to lastingly remove the symptoms, especially the disturbing emotions, physical issues, and negative behaviors that traumatic incidents and patterns create.  To support the emergence of Self that that naturally occurs when trauma and it's resultant beliefs are removed from the ego.
AIT is a gentle, effective new therapy that is based on the understanding that the cause of all human suffering is trauma. Trauma—the memory of it, the emotions it brings up, the negative thoughts and beiefs, physical symptoms and behaviors it produces– all consist of energy. AIT removes the hurtful effects of trauma by gently removing the traumatic energy of which they consist from the body, the psyche, and the spirit. All that is left after a trauma is treated with AIT is a neutral memory of it—without emotions, physical symptoms, negative thoughts, or problematic behaviors. What is usually left is peace, lightness, and relief.
Dr. William R. Newman is a licensed clinical psychologist and psychotherapist specializing in severe and complex trauma and dissociation.  Dr. Newman has helped his patients heal from trauma in his private practice on the North Shore of Boston as a licensed clinical psychologist for the past 35 years. He currently practices in Amesbury, MA 
Dr. William R. Newman
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