Heather Wolfe

Heather Wolfe

Seminar Presentation:  Self Nurturance - A Joyful Solution to Breast Cancer Prevention & Healing.

Breast Cancer is preventable and can be healed in many different ways other than, or in conjunction with, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. However one must follow the guidelines, and one must know what they are. Paying acute attention to one's own needs on all levels is the necessary ingredient for healing of any cancer.  "...as Heather is an Energy Healer, her intention is for each person attending to receive what they need for their own healing at this time." During this talk Heather will focus on breast cancer and how a journey into Self where love and joy are to be found - even side by side with sadness and anger will open the pathways back to health!

Bio:  Heather was born in Ireland and trained there as a nurse before moving to USA. She currently lives in Salem, MA where she has a private practice in Whole Body Coaching, based on her years of practicing and teaching Polarity Therapy and other holistic modalities. She has been instrumental in creating several alternative healing centers in the North East.

Heather experienced a diagnosis of breast cancer seven years ago, and after some surgery, refused chemo and radiation to form her own healing path to wellness. She subsequently wrote “A Guide to Breast Cancer – A Whole Body A to Z – Conventional and Alternative”. For more information on Heather or to buy her book, visit www.backtosource.com

Blog Talk Radio:   The Yoga of Nurturance  |  Breast Cancer

Contact Info:  Heather Joyce Wolfe RN, RPP,   254 Essex Street, Suite 203 in Salem, MA   |  Join Heather's Email List  | 978 854 3916 cell  978 594 5210 land | www.backtosource.com