James Dempsey

James Dempsey

Maximize The Power of Your Personal Energy Field

Doesn’t it seem that no matter how much work you’ve done on yourself, there will always be situations and people who will push your buttons and test your boundaries?

In this experiential workshop you will learn how to use the power of your own energy field to deal with difficult people and situations.

Learn time proven techniques to:

  • Ground yourself in seconds
  • Stop arguments in their tracks
  • Assert your power confidently and gently with difficult people
  • Protect yourself in toxic or chaotic environments
  • Ease chronic pain in minutes.

James A. Dempsey’s guides taught him these techniques. James has been teaching them to his clients who report using them with miraculous results. Now James will teach you!

Bring a notebook so you can write down these step-by-step processes. These are tools and techniques that you will want to use again and again!


James Dempsey is a shamanic practitioner, a certified Reiki master, and he is also a channel, medium, and psychic. He works with you to align your personal energy system, connect you with your higher guidance, and will give you a simple program to follow that will help keep you focused, energized, and on track.

James has been on a healer’s path his entire life. He has training as an athlete, warrior, singer, musician, artisan, builder, teacher, and healer. As a Reiki Master, Shaman and Psychic, James has the ability to not only assess the energetic blockages in ones aura, but also offer simple, effective solutions that the client may utilize on their own time.

James can do sessions in person, via telephone, or via Skype. To learn more about James Dempsey's Energy Healings, and to schedule a session, contact James at ...

James A. Dempsey
111 Ashburton Ave
Marshfield, MA 02050
United States