Janet & Craig Holmes

Janet & Craig Holmes

Seminar Presentation:  Super Charging Tong Ren Therapy: Healing methods that can support & harmonize the healing power of Tong Ren 

After Tong Ren helped Janet recover from a life-threatening illness in 2005 we became passionate about using this healing technique to help others.  Our participation over the years in Tom’s guinea pig classes and the free Tong Ren conference calls led us to delve into the underlying power of Tong Ren and the important role played by the mind-body connection. Along the way we learned of other healing modalities, such as dowsing and two-pointing, and we use these techniques to supercharge Tom’s beautifully simple method of tapping on key meridian points to remove blockages.

Bio:  Craig has been, among other things, a Captain in the Australian Army, a Construction Engineer and Systems Engineer, and an international business consultant. You can tell what really inspires him, though, whenever he hears someone express physical discomfort—he’s like an old fire horse smelling smoke, and immediately steps in to help with a doll & hammer, dowsing or two-pointing. He is also very popular among a variety of acquaintances for his tui na massages!

Janet is passionate about the science of energy, liberty and discovering Truth. and finds helping people heal very rewarding.  Her work career has been as entrepreneur, international business consultant, tech writer/editor and a candidate for local office.

Contact Info:   Janet & Craig Holmes  (617) 848-8814 | http://gb13.net/