Joe Lucier

Joe Lucier

The Tam Healing System: The Science, Anatomy and Point Location for Effective Healing.

The Tong Ren Therapy system is part of the larger Tom Tam Healing System which can also use acupuncture, qi gong and tuina for healing. Author Joe Lucier will share his knowledge of the Tong Ren System, which is based on his Book The Tam Healing System and Tom's clinical practice and research of over 20 years which utilizes both western and eastern medical thought.

Joe wil also cover Getting CEUs and PDAs for Tong Ren Training.

Bio:  * Certified Licensed Medical Massage Therapist LMT AOBTA
* Tong Ren and Tui Na Therapist 14 Years
* Author - Tam Healing System - Illustrated Anatomy
* Author - Tam Healing System - Cancer Strategies
* Publisher - Tong Ren Times International Newsletter
* Founder - Tong Ren Academy

Contact Info:   Joseph Lucier  Tong Ren Ren Healer - Tong Ren Academy  33 Nightingale Ave  Quincy MA 02169 USA  (617) 276-5603