Joe Lucier

Joe Lucier

The Nature of Cancer as a Survival tool for Healing

Cancer is a survival tool of nature. Understanding the true nature of cancer as a response to a survival challenge instead of an outright pathogen is important. Understanding that tumors are temporary organs to keep us alive, gives us insight as to how to treat it and understand the causes more clearly, from a common sense perspective. Nurturing and strengthening the body is consistent with opening the vast innate resources of the body we have for healing and recovery as well as overall health maintenance thereby giving us the best chances to survive using advanced techniques such as Tam Healing Acupuncture and Medical Massage, as well as other approaches like plant based nutrition, bioelectricity strategies, biomagnetic techniques, and herbal medicine.

Medical Massage for Severe Conditions

Joe will demonstrate how you can treat yourself, family and friends. Allowing yourself to take charge of your medical well-being.  

Though targeted medical massage therapy using the Tam Healing System, you have an proactive tool to effectively treat cancer and other major diseases.   People find this system beneficial for serious conditions as blockages open up along the Central nervous system thus releasing the natural resources of the body for Healing.

Practitioners, Acupuncturists, Body Workers and People with Serious Medical Conditions will benefit from Joe Lucier's demonstration.


Joseph Lucier AOBTA
Joseph is a licensed medical massage therapist through AOBTA, born and raised in the Boston Massachusetts area, Graduate of Boston College with a degree in Chinese Studies, and lived in Asia for 15 years

- Chinese Translator and Software Engineer
- Medical Massage Therapist 20 years - Tam Healing System, Acupressure, Nutrition, Herbs
- Author: Tam Healing System Anatomy and Point Location, Avocado Joy Recipe Book, Bioelectricity the Forgotten Paradigm, The Nature of Cancer, Disease Prevention and Plant Based Nutrition, The Dairy Contrarian, The Truth about Depression
- Yoga Instructor
- Advocate for Red and Infrared Light Therapies and Magnet Healing Strategies

Joseph Lucier
33 Nightingale Ave
Quincy, MA 02169
United States