Jordan Bain

Jordan Bain

Life Purpose and Universal Kabbalah

The Universal Kabbalah provides us with the tools and ability to read the map or blueprint of life itself, and change, influence, and transform the foundations of our lives: graduating from our limited physical reality into a multidimensional world of new possibilities and integration of all aspects of the self. Universal Kabbalah has been with humans since the beginning, and offers access to the inner pathways walked by all Masters who have graced the Earth. Kabbalah has been at the core of all major "Golden Age" times on the planet in various civilizations and cultures. In this presentation, we will discuss the Tree of Life, the inner tradition of Questions and Receiving, and how Guides and Angelic forces can assist our quest for Self-Knowledge.


Jordan Bain is passionate about exploring and sharing the best systems available for personal and planetary transformation. Since 2004, he has helped thousands of people awaken their potential and accelerate their learning curve in the school of life. While studying and practicing numerous healing and spiritual systems, ​something in him "clicked" when he found the Modern Mystery School and became Initiated in 2005. Life accelerated 10-fold and life purpose was somehow within reach in a completely new way. Mind and emotions came into sharper focus, with a keen understanding of what true wants and needs, as well as the guidance and trust from within on how to "get there".

Jordan Bain
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