Kathy Wilson

Kathy Wilson

The Business of Tong Ren Therapy:   How to Develop a Tong Ren Practice. 

This is "Tong Ren " from a business perspective, with creative ideas, workable tools & available resources to aid you in starting or empowering your own Tong Ren Therapy Practice.

In the areas of organization, finance, strategic planning, effective marketing and internet presence, you will learn practical & valuable tools and techniques which can be easily applied

Bio:   Kathy Wilson is co-founder and CEO of Healing Nexus, a company designed to promote the use of subtle energy to change dis-ease of the mind, body or soul bringing it back into balance via events, teachings and healing sessions.  She is Past President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers and the facilitator of  3 monthly dowsing groups, Peterborough, North York and Barrie Dowsers and two web/phone Wednesday Healing Calls.   Tong Ren Therapy is one of the healing methods that she implements in her Healing practice as well as offering certification courses.

Her work draws from ancient esoteric teachings, humour, modern science and personal hands on experience providing an inspiring perspective on the mysteries of the universe.

Contact Info:  Kathy Wilson,  Healing Nexus  Mailing Address:  592 Sheppard Avenue West, Suite 524  Toronto, ON  M3H6A7  Canada    416-225-3612  or  617-334-9432  | kwilson@healingnexus.com  |   Sites:     http://www.tongrenhealing.ca  |  http://healingnexus.com  | https://www.tongrensymposium.com