Kathy Wilson

Kathy Wilson

Introduction to Energy Balancing Numbers - Based on Lloyd Mear's Work

Healing occurs when there is a shift between the harmonious and disharmonious energies in the body. To make that shift, you need a way to dialogue with your energetic field.

All organisms, including you, communicate by vibrational energy.  Your cells will use this vibrational energy first before using the chemical communication system of your body.  Manipulating this vibrational energy is much more efficient than giving chemicals to the body.

This presentation is based on Lloyd Mear's work a program of converting energetic frequencies into numerical sequences.  Using the source codes for this vibrational energy in the form of numerical sequences. These numerical sequences hold a charge, an intention, and they activate specific frequencies that should be present in a healthy body. They bring the body back online.  Using the right combination of energy, intention and numerical sequence you can help find tune your energy body. 

Harnessing the Power of Your Magnificent Spirit Guides **Stand in Presentation**

Spirit Guides are around each and everyone of us.  We all have them.  Yet very seldom in a healing session do I find that people are utilizing their guides to their full potential.  Like any working team they need instructions.  Left to their own devices they lack direction and motivation.

These guides of yours are ready to step in and work with you.  You alone hold the ability to access them to benefit from their special brand of wisdom and protection.   If things are not going well, you are feeling out of sorts - first place I would check is what is going on with your guides.

For this session I'll share hands on experiences with these invisible helpers.  We will look at techniques which will allow you to better connect with your spirit guides.

Harnessing the Power of Your Magnificent Spirit Guides


Kathy Wilson’s focal point is harmonizing subtle energies for self empowerment and health.  Her company Healing Nexus an extension of her personal vision, promotes alternative therapy workshops, individual treatments, seminars and products to aid individuals to move into the place of wellness and oneness.

Kathy is an avid Dowser.  She is a Past President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers, 2014 Dowser of the Year; she facilitates 4 dowsing groups, Peterborough, North York, Barrie Dowsers & The Global Dowsers.  She identifies herself as subtle energy intuitive alternative therapist, her work draws from ancient esoteric teachings, humour, modern science and hands on experience providing an inspiring perspective on the mysteries of emerging consciousness in these transformational times.

She is the organizer/creator of this weekend event, the Energy Healing Symposium Cambridge MA.  May 25-27, 2018.   She will be speaking this weekend on her experience with Spirit Guides and Lloyd Mears' Exciting Healing Methodology -Energy Balancing by Numbers.