Kristi Borst

Healing the Physcial at the Quantum Level

Quantum Science is recognizing that our physical bodies are controlled by more than just our brains.   How can our emotions and thoughts alter our physical condition, positively and negatively? What is your body trying to tell you?  What insights can be gleaned through emotional and spiritual healing? Learn how to best communicate with and support your inherent body intelligence for wellness, peace and joy at this Quantum Level.


Kristi Borst is an esoteric healer, emotional intuitive, interfaith minister, and international speaker. Like the child prodigy pianist, Kristi was born with a spiritual gift … the ability to heal herself and others. As a preschooler, Kristi  was told to shut down her abilities and buried them for nearly 50 years. In early 2013 she remembered and reclaimed her healing gift. Her Perspective Reboot® process helps people release physical pain and dis-ease, emotional trauma, sadness, and self-limiting beliefs.

Kristi Borst
Healing Resonance
190 Glenwood Road
Wells, ME 04090
United States