Mariya Shiyko

Mariya Shiyko

The Healing Power of Joy

Many people on a spiritual path find themselves confused between the two worlds: human and spiritual. Our goal is to ascend - bring our Higher Self into the human form. Not run from but enjoy life. The point of spiritual  awakening is understanding how we create reality - through thought, energy, choices. We create our lives, individually and communally. Every individual has a personal vibration of Joy - a unique blueprint. We are not to suffer but to express ourselves - talents and gifts. Joy is a state of being oneself unconditionally. That can be done anywhere - business, love,     politics, parenting. The power of Joy can change the world - personal and collective.


Mariya Shiyko, PhD is a university professor, holistic life coach and an energy healer with 10+ years of experience. She coaches individuals and business in building a healthy relationship with Joy, developing creativity, intuitive decision-making and adapting a mindset of work and life as a playground for experimentation and self-expression. Mariya has background in sciences and uses quantum theory as an applied metaphor for individual and collective consciousness.