Paul Weisbart

Paul & Lillian Weisbart

Introduction to Stillpoint and Subtle Yogic Technology

[Friday Night Keynote]

Come experience a revolutionary non linear approach to quantum wellness based on the proven science of the Quantumfield or energy which surrounds the body.  This lecture will introduce easy-to-use tools for clearing stress and tension, using this non linear energy of the universe for health and rejuvenation and discuss how using scalar wave healing energy and light technology are helpful tools to donate energy for pain relief, circulation, inflammation, arthritic pain and relaxation which induces profound and lasting healing affects and assists in regeneration and longevity of the body.

Quantumwave Lasers: Cultivating Neutrality

In the ancient yogic tradition, the “space between breaths” is where the alchemy of transformation takes place. It is also the space—and the experience—that we have come to call Stillpoint.  The Key to health and well-being is having the nervous system relaxed and at ease so that it can function unimpeded. With a few good tools and some dedicated practice, each of us can learn to unwind polarity and relax into the neutral energy of the universe—the neutral essence that holds all things, permeates all things, and weaves all things into being, from galaxies and stars to planets and people.  Paul will be demonstrating how Unwinding with the Scalar Wave Laser is completely revolutionizing the way we approach holistic health care, pain relief, rehabilitation, anti-aging, skin, wound care, arthritis, muscle relaxation and systems balancing. Cold Laser Therapy, (or Low Level Laser Therapy), is at the leading-edge of complementary health care, sports, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, naturopathic,  veterinary and western medicine.


Paul and Lillie Weisbart are the inventors of the the Sacred Scalar Lasers (also called Scalarwave Lasers) and developers of the life-changing Stillpoint Process. Rooted in the yogic tradition of living in the "space between the breath", Stillpoint is the art of interacting with every moment-welcoming one's unique experience of life with presence, openness and ease of being.

Paul and Lillie are the founders of Quantumwave, a global company specializing in the Sacred Scalar Lasers, the Quantumfield Inducer (QiFi) and a unique line of superfood formulas-all designed to induce the longevity of consciousness.