Sandy Walker

Sandy Walker

Seminar Presentation:  The Miracle of Tong Ren Nothing to Lose

(Regretfully Sandy Walker passed on September 8, 2016 - We miss her positive attitude, and generous spirit. )

Sandy traces her journey from patient to therapist to instructor of Tong Ren therapy.  She examines her own healing, the healing of others and the universality of Tong Ren therapy.  Her presentation is laced with humor, compassion, and anecdotes as she shares her 16 year excursion into the world of Tong Ren.

Bio:  Sandy Walker started her working career as Professional Singer.  She studied at the Manhattan School of Music, with scholarships to Europe to study with world class singers such as  Tito Gobbi.   She got into Tong Ren by being ill herself triggered by a low immune system.   Rev McDonough introduced her to Tom Tam where everything got better.   Sandy is a Tong Ren Therapy Practitioner and runs a weekly Energy Healing Class in Naperville IL.  

Contact Info:   Sandy Walker  1215 Elizabeth Avenue Naperville, IL 60540  (630) 579-8321