Dr. Shaw Sprague

Dr. Shaw Sprague

Seminar Presentation:  Tong Ren:  Restoring the Unconscious Healing Power of the Mind

Dr. Sprague will be speaking about how Tong Ren integrates Traditional Chinese Principals of energetic medicine with Carl Jung's theories of archetypal energy patterns.  Research has shown this system reduces stress, promotes wellness, prevents disease and restores balance in mind, body, and spirit.

Bio:  Shaw Sprague has long been fascinated with how unconscious energy patterns influence the mind, body, and spirit. After earning a  Masters Degree in Fine Arts from Boston  University and a Doctoral Degree in Psychology from California Graduate Institute, he studied Traditional Chinese Medicine's  “Art and Science of Energetic Medicine”. By combining Carl Jung's theories of in-depth Psychology  with Traditional Chinese Medicine’s notions concerning the subconscious mind, Dr. Shaw created a highly advanced and authentic mind/body healing system.  This system is trans-rational, not governed by limitations of logic, but  connected to the  unlimited power of the collective unconscious mind and non-perceptible energy or Chi that has been shown to promote wellness, prevent disease, extend life, and restore balance in mind, body,and Soul.     

In the year 2000, Dr. Shaw began studying with Tom Tam at the Chinese Cultural Institute in Boston, learning how Tong Ren heals physical and non physical diseases. During this time period Dr. Shaw has been utilizing Tom Tam's healing system by running healing classes, seminars, and teaching individual clients how to access the creative and innate healing  power of their mind to open physical and non-physical blockages.

Article by Dr. Shaw in the Holistic Cancer Support Services

Contact Info:  Dr. Shaw Sprague,  Cape Elizabeth,   MA USA  | (617) 314-5274    
drshaw88@yahoo.com  |  www.creativehealinginstitute.org