2018 Speakers

Arthur Babakhanov | Trish Blain | Kristi Borst | Werner Brandmaier | James Dempsey | Joseph Lucier | * Adam Masters | Kathryn McGlynn | Alma Nexhipi | Michelle Pelletier | Shaw Sprague | Bell Tam | * Tom Tam | Dr. Adhi Two Owls | Charlie Smigelski | Sharon Walsh | * Paul Weisbart | Kathy Wilson  ...more to come
Arthur Babakhanov Longevity: I'm Going to Live to Be 120
Body & Brain, Yoga & Taichi
Trish Blain Ollin Institute
Kristi Borst Healing the Physcial at the Quantum Level
Werner Brandmaier How Earth Grid Lines & EMF's Affect Health
How to Protect Your Home and Family Against EMF's
James Dempsey Maximize The Power of Your Personal Energy Field
Joseph Lucier The Nature of Cancer as a Survival tool for Healing
Medical Massage Therapy
Adam Masters Journey to the Still Point of Healing
Fractal Energy & Zero Point Molecule
Kathryn McGlynn Soul Entrainment ®
Alma Nexhipi Face Reading
Michelle Pelletier Center for Psychic Healing
Shaw Sprague Timeless Healing: Stillness through Physical & Nonphysical States
Bell Tam Healing Hands. Tui Na Therapy
Tom Tam Tong Ren Quantum Healing - Beyond 4 Dimensions
Gravity Medicine
Dr. Adhi Two Owls Engaged Earth Energy Stewardship
Drumming Circle
Charlie Smigelski Nutrition and Tong Ren:  A Phenomenal Recipe for Repair
Sharon Walsh Perfect Balance Therapies
Paul Weisbart Introduction to Still Point & Subtle Yogic Technology
Quantumwave Lasers: Cultivating Neutrality
Kathy Wilson Harnessing the Power of Your Magnificent Spirit Guides
Introduction to Energy Balancing Numbers