Tom Tam

Tom Tam

Tom Tam our Key Note Speaker is the Man who started it all. He is developer of Tong Ren Therapy, [part of the Tam Healing System] a form of energy healing which is now offered in healing classes and used by practitioners world-wide. He has taken the Huatuojiaji system, along with acupuncture shu points or energy source points, Western anatomy and the chiropractic system and combined them to form his healing system. His techniques are from the Eastern traditional and folk medicine, and the philosophy from the West.  He has successfully treated many patients all over the world using this system. His techniques have led to the successful treatment of a wide range of medical conditions. Tom has authored numerous books which explain his theories and techniques.

Bio:  Tom Tam originally from Tai Shan, China, is a licensed acupuncturist in Massachusetts and has practiced acupuncture in Chinatown, Boston for 25 years.  In 1984 Tom trained his students in acupuncture and Tui Na in the Boston area. In the ninety’s, Tom formed his own healing system, and wrote the Tom Tam Healing System (1995). Also he wrote a Chinese healing book, An Zhen – The Palpation diagnose (2005). This book combined the west and east medical knowledge and formed a new theory for the understanding and healing the difficulty disease.

The Oriental Culture Institute was founded in 1988.   In 1989 Tom developed his own system for Chi Gong healing, and has trained many Chi Gong healers. In 1994, Tom developed the Tong Ren healing system, and brought a group of students to visit mainland China and Taiwan in order to share his Tong Ren healing method. In Guang Zhou Tradition Chinese Medical College, he demonstrated Tong Ren healing for weight loss, followed by a trip to Taipei to demonstrate Tong Ren’s benefit on leukemia.

In 2001, the first Guinea Pig class was formed for treating cancer in Quincy, Massachusetts. Now the Guinea Pig class for healing has spread to many countries around the world.

In July of 2007, Fox News broadcasting produced a news segment based on Tong Ren Healing and the Guinea Pig class. Soon after, PBS requested permission to create a segment based on Tong Ren Healing.

Tom continues to practice, teach students, and travel the world to teach and share his healing methods.

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