Trish Blain

Trish Blain

The Four Forces Paradigm “Life All-in”

All around us, the world is changing at an accelerating rate.  What used to work no longer works and humanity’s role has shifted. We are no longer passive agents of evolution, we are now impacting the future for all of life on this planet. What are we going to do with this new power? What are the skills and capacities that we need in this new world that is emerging?

With nearly 8 billion people on the planet with different ideas of a better world, how do we create a vision for the future that we can all agree on and work towards together?

Learn how the Four Forces -- Connection, Expression, Purpose, and  Growth are the key to:

     •  Getting What You Most Deeply Desire
     •  Creating a Vision of the World That Works for Everyone
     •  Updating Our “Humanware” for the Next Phase of Humanity
     •  Learning How to Consciously Shift Paradigms and Facilitate
     •  Accessing Higher States of Consciousness

Join us for an interactive and practical exploration of what is possible.


Trish Blain is a social mission entrepreneur, teacher, and author. She is the developer of The Four Forces Framework, the culmination of 30 years of exploring, experimenting and teaching at the edges of consciousness, spirituality, culture and human potential. She is passionate about building positive impact community that supports learning and living the next level skills, perspectives, and real-world actions that are needed to create a vibrant future for ourselves, each other and the world.

The Four Forces Framework will debut with her upcoming book The Four Forces: Life All-in with Connection, Expression, Purpose, and Growth with an estimated publishing date of summer of 2018.