Werner Brandmaier

Werner Brandmaier

How Earth Grid Lines & EMF's Affect Health

Although European research, for more than 80 years, shows convincing evidence that detrimental earth energies affect and diminish a person's health, there is little known about the mechanism in our body of how this happens. Often experienced as general feelings of discomfort or irritation at first, they soon develop into chronic patterns from insomnia to mood swings and many of those indifferent symptoms which doctors don't have time nor resources to find out where they come from.

How to Protect Your Home and Family Against EMF's

European research over the last 80 years shows that serious and longterm health challenges, from chronic diseases, allergies, asthma, athritis, even cancer, to emotional imbalances, such as depression can be significantly improved by addressing the environmental situation in connection with the proper treatment. In order to achieve onholding results it is crucial to change sleeping locations and conditions at workplaces to make sure a possible energetic cause is eliminated, the body's biofield is protected and strengthened, so the illness does not reoccur.


Werner Brandmaier, Dipl. Ing., has been practicing in the field of Geopathology for over 15 years. He is a native of Austria with a graduate degree in electrical engineering.
Prior to his move to the US, he worked with Siemens, Inc. and consulted as a high-tech medical engineer outfitting Vienna's largest university hospital, the AKH.

Werner studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, classical Feng Shui, and Geopathology with noted masters Raymond Lo, Roger Green, Lillian Too, Grandmaster Yap Chan Hi, Wilhelm Gerstung & Jens Mehlhase, MD, and Samuel Sagan, MD. He brings to his practice an integration of his technical knowledge in electrical engineering and resonant frequency equipment with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and dowsing.

Werner also carries on a family tradition of dowsing and energy medicine.
As a native of Austria, he grew up with a rich and progressive tradition
in environmental consciousness.

Werner Brandmaier
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