Organically Mental with Ravenscroft Escentials - Megan Smith

Demonstration:  Unlocking the Essence of Natures Healing with Escential Oils

Journey towards ultimate health with unique essential oil products and a deepening of knowledge regarding the natural and holistic treatment of mental health disorders and physical ailments. 

Megan Smith

Learn how essential oils can activate the limbic region to produce needed neurotransmitters that will aid in reaching balance.

Participants will learn basics of essential oils and have the opportunity to sample a wide range of 100% organic and handmade essential oil blends. Discover relief from anxiety, chronic pain, diabetes, depression, PTSD, insomnia, skin conditions, hypertension and much more!

Megan is a Licensed Professional Healer of the Arts and is passionate towards providing education to support the management of mental health and other ailments. Have fun and broaden your horizons.


Exhibit: Organically Mental with Ravenscroft Escentials. (Organically Mental is an integrated wellness service)

Megan M. Smith, L.P.H.A,   Ravenscroft Escentials  (508) 314-0421 <>

About Essential Oils:

-Essential oils are not only used for aromatherapy but can be both topically applied and in some cases ingested to help with symptom relief.
-Essential oils are derived from all natural sources including; trees, flowers, fruits, herbs and other plants
-They can be used in the management and treatment of a variety of ailments including but not limited to; anxiety, MS, post-surgery, PTSD, ADHD, insomnia, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, etc.

Product introduction: We make homemade 100% organic essential oil aroma body drops which are applied topically and the worlds first ever ingestible essential oil blends.

Vendor Information: I will be displaying and have for sample on the table-

Good Nite- an aroma body drop that promotes your own natural release of melatonin to aid in a healthy and restful night sleep.

Beautiful Facial Serum- One of our top selling products and extremely effective in the treatment of skin conditions including rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.

Spiritual Anointing- An aroma body drop that deepens states of meditation. Used effectively in the management of ADHD, PTSD, anxiety and more!

Elevation of Mind- Comprised of the four highest vibrational (healing) plants growing in the world. Stimulates the limbic region of the brain to naturally release serotonin. Helpful in managing depression.

Aroma Blue- A wonderful oil for abundance and energy. Promotes the release of endorphins and pheromones! Great for the adrenals.

Muscle Regeneration- One of our top sellers! Provides relief from discomfort- post surgery, chronic pain, arthritis, tendonitis, and more!


About Aromatherapy
-    Aromatherapy is not just for your nose and in fact the healing properties of essential oils can be found though topical application and ingestion.
-    Essential oils are derived from all natural sources; trees, herbs, flowers, fruits and other plants.
-    Product introduction: Each aroma body drop, mist or breath drop is a divinely created blend of oils derived from 100% natural and organic sources from around the world.
-    Essential oils can be helpful in alleviating symptoms of various ailments; anxiety, ADHD, skin conditions, MS, fibromyalgia, insomnia, etc.