Tong Ren Symposium Volunteer Job Descriptions

Volunteer Jobs:  Session Monitors | Floaters | Photographer

Session Monitors
Location: Lecture Room & Classroom
Job Description: Monitor the presentations by assisting the speakers, participants and act as time keeper.

  • Assist the speaker in setting up and putting away their presentation supplies and equipment
  • Check with the speaker for anything they need.
  • Make sure there is a fresh bottle of water for the speakers to access
  • Time Keep for the speaker
  • Check ahead to see how much time they wish to leave for questions
  • Start the speaker on time, Give the speaker a  10/5 minute warning then a wrap up signal.  Make sure that the speaker doesn’t go over time
  • Be sure the room is neat. Pick up any discarded cups, papers or other trash, and dispose of in waste receptacles
  • Assist in management of room capacity
  • Direct attendees to fill the seats in the front and center of the room first. Help late comers find seats if available. Make sure that aisles and doors are not blocked
  • Be knowledgeable about the session you are monitoring by reading the session description in the program guide.

Location: Floating
Job Description: Direct conference attendees into and out of the Sessions.  Direct them to other locations as required, washrooms, coffee shops. Etc.   Answer Questions from speakers and participants.  

  • Provide traffic control at doors and hallways. 
  • Direct attendees
  • Make sure everyone who enters is wearing a name tag or has a ticket for the seminar
  • Assist late comers to available seats
  • When not working as a  Monitor, return to the Information Desk to be on stand-by as Floater.

Location: Floating
Job Description:  Take pictures of the activities during the weekend.   Upload online or email to organizers.

  • Provide interesting shots taken during the weekend
  • Watch for action shots as well as pics of displays
  • Forward your bio and handle so we can credit you with the shots that you have taken.