Speakers 2017 Energy Healing Symposium

Key Note Evening Speakers:   Jason Quitt | Tom Tam | Stephen Pollitt

Theatre Presentations:   Ama | Ken Hadden | Linda Hogan  | David Kane  | Ulrike (Riki) Kretschmar | Joe Lucier | Stephen Pollitt | Lecain W. Smith | Shaw Sprage | Tom Tam | Kathy Wilson | Fern Wolf

Key Note  Evening Speakers

Friday Evening  7:00 - 9:00 pm

Jason Quitt -  Forbidden Knowledge - Awakening to Our Multidimensional Nature


Saturday Evening 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Tom Tam - Quantum Healing


Sunday Evening 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Stephen Pollitt -  The Essentials of Source Energy Medicine (SEM) - a powerful, universally applicable, safe, empowering, integrative, self-healing methodology.


Theater Presentations (Sat & Sunday) (..more to list)

Ken Hadden -  Tong Ren & Universal Consciousness

(413) 570-3367  KAHadden@aol.com   | Amazing Healings   |  Life Advantage

Tom Tam - "Reviving Kenelm Digby's Theory," -  (working with the healing knife using the "Powder of Sympathy).

www.tomtam.com  |

Joe Lucier -  The Nature of Cancer: Survival Tool for Healing



Linda Hogan - Dimensional Healing: Transcending Distance, Time & Space


David Kane  -  The Health Value of Ormus Gold


Ulrike (Riki) Kretschmar - The Health Value of Ormus Gold

Kathy Wilson -  Shifting the Energetic Patterns of Dis-ease

 www.healingnexus.com |www.energyhealingsymposium

Lecain W Smith - Options for Holistic Healing

lecain.smith7@gmail.com | www.windroseaway.com

Fern Wolf - How to Make, How to Take Source Energy Medicine (SEM) - with Stephen Pollitt

(905) 877-1192| fernmwolf@gmail.com

Stephen Pollitt -  How to Make, How to Take Source Energy Medicine (SEM)


Shaw Sprage - The Art and Science of Energetic Medicine


Ama - Energy Clearing: A scientific approach to a holistic remedy

amalightworker@gmail.com | www.amalightworker.com