Linda Hogan

Linda Hogan

Dimensional Healing: Transcending Distance, Time & Space (Weekend Lecture)

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Each time you think fondly of a loved one, worry about a friend traveling overseas or engage in conversation, or give a diagnoses, you are performing dimensional healing.  Linda will demonstrate how this works and will share with you how to consciously access alternative dimensions as well as use different brainwaves to enhance your well-being.  If you already have a healing practice, you will enjoy discovering the ease of using long-distance healing with your modality.   The gift of energy is that it knows no time, distance or space.  Everything is Now.

Bio:  Linda Hogan has been an Alternative Medicine Practitioner and teacher for the past 20 years. Before moving to Salem, MA, to be a full-time Grandma and teacher to her grandson, she was the owner of Natural Ways to Wellness Center in Smithfield, Rhode Island.

Linda is board certified in Holistic Health Counseling and Alternative Psychology. As well as being a Tong Ren Healing Practitioner, she is a Reiki Master, Theta Healing Practitioner/Teacher, Shamanic Healer/Teacher and Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner.

She is passionate about The Earth, traveling to remote parts of the world to live and study with elders and healers and teaching others how to "Walk Gently Upon the Earth", also the name of her first book.

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